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You seem to be trapped in a deadly dungeon, great! but wait... there are coins here. Could be worse. Oh yep, there we go, giant fireballs are rapidly heading towards you. You got this!

- Use WASD (or arrow keys) to hop around the dungeon, avoiding fireballs and collecting coins to increase your score. Use saved up coins to buy chests giving you new player outfits!
- Press P to pause and unpause

- Inspired by "Loot and Dodge" by Doragon Entertainment


- Music and sound FX by "wyver9" who can be found at newgrounds

- Coding made by "Skeletonz" who can be found on scratch

- Art and sound FX by Calamity Games which can be found on Youtube

Install instructions

If you are downloading you have to have an application called "scratch" to run it

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Dungeon Dash 1 MB


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Those richly pixelated heroes to unlock all look so lovely, have you guys thought about making a fully fledged roguelike game with them? (or maybe such one already released?)